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Sheng Hai Auto Parts is a professional transmission parts supplier specialized in providing high-quality car transmission components. With over 20 years of expertise in the field of auto parts, we help clients around the world to buy transmission parts online easy and with confidence. We provide a full range of transmission parts whether it’s electrical or mechanical. We provide online assistance to clients helping to identify the transmission model, locate the right parts and provide general services. We test remanufactured parts according to our internal guidelines before shipping and make sure that every part coming out of our warehouse functions properly. We also provide pre-program service for most of our TCU / TCM parts, it practically makes TCU repair a plug and play job. On this website you can find all your transmission rebuild needs: transmission rebuild kits, solenoids, valve bodies, transmission control modules, sensors, torque converters, bushings, brake bands, filters and more. If you have any issue locating a specific part on the website, chat with us or simply send us an email, we most likely still have it in our warehouse. We also have a sister auto transmission parts manufacturer company that is capable of providing OEM transmission parts.

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