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Have you recently noticed that your car is making strange buzzing or howling noises? Can you hear distinctive grinding sounds? Do you feel a rough shifting? Most likely, it is your transmission acting up which means it is about the time to give it a look. Take your car to a near repair shop and ask for a transmission diagnosis may be a good idea. Having an error code can help you locate and isolate the root cause. Once you have determined the issue, go to our online store for transmission parts! We provide Transmission Control Unit (TCU), as known as Transmission Control Module (TCM) or Transmission Conductor Plate; Transmission Rebuild Kits, Transmission solenoids, Transmission Clutch, Torque Converter and all range of transmission parts.

Tips for transmission rebuild kits

It’s easy to buy a transmission rebuild kit, but it can be hard to do a transmission rebuild. However, with proper tools and manuals, things can be a lot easier. For example, 0AM DQ200 DSG transmission, there are two types of transmission repair tools that can help you to disassemble & assemble the transmission. For repair manual, we recommend official repair manuals from the vehicle manufactures. If you can’t get one from its manufacture, ATSG’s repair manuals are also very helpful. Remember the number of plates in the kit may differ. This will not affect vehicle performance and reliability.

We do not recommend car owners to perform such operation. Transmission rebuild should be performed by a trained professional.

If you are experiencing rough shifting, the problem maybe because of the transmission valve body.

What transmission rebuild parts can you find in a kit

There is a wide variety of parts that go inside your transmission. A typical kit includes the following:
• Seals
• Bands
• Steels
• Gaskets
• Clutches
• Modulators
• Filters
• O-rings
• Bushings
• Washers

Please note that not every transmission rebuild kit contains all of the parts mentioned above. All automatic transmission rebuild kits and manual transmission rebuild kits presented on our website go with a detailed description. Check the product descriptions carefully before you order. Don’t compromise quality for a low price! Sheng Hai Auto Parts offers high-quality transmission rebuild kits for sale at reasonable prices. Here you can always buy top-notch goods without draining your budget.

Why you should choose us

With more than ten years on the market, we have thousands of happy, loyal customers who turn to our services again and again. At Sheng Hai Auto Parts store, you can find manual and automatic transmission rebuild kits for a wide variety of car models. Our specialists know everything there is to know about transmissions. They are always ready to provide you with a consult or give their expert advice. If you have any questions regarding our products, please give us a call at (+1) 251-333-7415 or contact us online at [email protected]. Don’t wait until your transmission reaches its limit and breaks down in the middle of the road. Take care of it now to ensure effortless shifting and smooth ride!

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