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A valve body is one of the most important components of the automatic transmission in vehicles. It contains many channels and passages that direct the hydraulic fluid flow to the valves to activate the right clutch and shift the gear based on the driving situation.

If you are looking for a premium automatic transmission valve body for sale, check out our online catalog of valve bodies and find one for your car. They are fully tested (some on testbed, others on real cars) to provide you with the best driving experience. We are sure that our transmission valve body cost will please you.

Failure symptoms of a transmission valve body

There are certain things that every driver should be aware of to make sure a valve body of his/her vehicle is fixed or replaced in time. Most failure symptoms are related to the noises that appear when you change gear, travel in reverse or slow down. If a shifting stick slips a lot or if transmission to go into “drive” or “reverse” gets much slower, it can also indicate a faulty valve body. If you experience any of these problems, take your car to a car mechanic and let him have a look at the valve body. Analyze the error codes and see if they could be related to your valve body. This way, you will know whether you need to replace the whole valve body or some other parts.

Choose the right transmission valve body for your vehicle

There are two types of valve bodies: an electronic valve body and hydraulic valve body. Nowadays, even for the same transmission model, valve body could be different. The best way to identify your valve body is to look at the part number on the valve body directly. Alternatively, you can send us your VIN number for a part lookup.

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